We're pleased to offer the following services at Trinity Animal Hospital Veterinary Clinic:


We regularly see appointments Monday through Friday. With flexible hours, we always do our best to accommodate appointment requests. Emergencies are accepted anytime our clinic is open, and veterinarians are also available after hours. If you feel you have an emergency please call and we will promptly advise.

Types of Pets Seen

At Trinity Animal Hospital, we can care for many types of pets. From dogs and cats to small animals and birds, we are a companion  animal practice and can see many types of pets. Please call if you have any questions regarding your pet.

Full Service Animal Care

We offer routine wellness exams and vaccines for your healthy pet, and more extensive diagnostic laboratory testing services, hospitalization, and surgery. Preventive medicine offers an opportunity for early detection and treatment of health problems to provide your pet the opportunity for a long healthy life. Our services also include dental care, boarding, day care and nutritional counseling by specially trained staff members.  

Trained Medical Team and Nursing Staff

Attentive staff provide nursing care for your pet to help monitor his/her condition and speed recovery. All of our team members receive continuing education to stay abreast of the ever changing advances in veterinary care. 

Day Care

Our boarding facilities are cooled in the summer and heated in the winter. Radiated heating in floors Special diets and medical services are always available to our boarders.

Dental Hygiene and Dental products

Professional Dental Treatment is an important first step in the dental health care needs of your pet. Proper dental care prevents bad breath, periodontal disease, infection and pain. Good dental care increases your pets' well being and improves their over-all health. 

Dental Radiographs


Emergency Medical Care

Trinity Animal Hospital is prepared to handle a variety of pet emergencies. Our veterinarians and technicians are trained to assess your pet's condition upon arrival and provide immediate, life-saving treatment if necessary.

Laser Therapy

Utilizes light energy to target tissue to decrease inflammation, decrease pain and accelerate healing. Used for many conditions, including pre and post surgical, skin disease, injury, arthritis and more.


This simple, safe and inexpensive procedure will give you added insurance in case your pet strays.

Nutrition Consultation

We can provide you with information on how to meet the nutritional needs of your pet as they go through the various stages of life from puppy to adult, and from mature to senior pet. We offer a full line of prescription diet foods to meet the needs of every patient.

Fully Stocked Pharmacy

We stock a wide range of the best veterinary drugs in the animal healthcare field.

In House Radiology Laboratory and Pharmacy

Our state of the art Radiology equipment enables us to quickly and thoroughly evaluate your pet, even in critical cases where time is of the essence. Get the results for the testing your pet needs quickly so treatment can begin as soon as possible with our in-house Laboratory. Our convenient in-house Pharmacy can provide most of the medications, vitamins, flea, tick and heart worm preventatives your pet will need.



Surgery is performed using the most up to date anesthesia and surgical equipment. This helps to eliminate pain during procedures and minimize discomfort during recovery. Attentive nursing care by our trained staff help to speed the recovery process. 




Trinity Animal Hospital offers discounted services to senior citizens and local area rescue groups. Pre-approval is required to qualify for the rescue group discounts, please call us for more information.

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