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Meet Our Team


  • Thomas Nickerson, DVM

    Dr. Nickerson received his BS from the University of Maryland and his DVM degree (with high honors) from the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!).

    Following graduation from UGA, he spent a year as a pathology resident at UC Davis. During this time, he discovered that he preferred working with more lively patients. He left the residency program to pursue a more rewarding career in private practice.

    From 1979 to 1981, Dr. Nickerson worked as an associate veterinarian in Sacramento. He moved to Willow Creek in 1981 and spent the next 9 years in practice there. In 1990, he purchased Trinity Animal Hospital in Weaverville.

    Although the small building served him well for almost two decades, 2008 marked the opening of a long awaited modern facility on Ponderosa Lane.

    Dr. Nickerson shares his home with one good cat (Blackberry), one bad cat (Lilac), and The Kipper a fun loving border collie.

  • Mary Schlicting, DVM

    Dr. Schlicting received her DVM degree from Ross University, and completed her clinical year at Oregon State University (Go Beavers!).

    During veterinary school, she was involved with the feral cat 'trap and release' program, and served several semesters as the president of the student chapter of AAFP (American Association of Feline Practitioners). She also spent time assisting with sea turtle monitoring and nest preservation. In addition to her emphasis in feline medicine, Dr. Schlicting has a particular interest in llama, alpaca and goat medicine, as well as emergency and critical care.

    Dr. Schlicting was born and raised in Allentown, PA. She moved to California where she completed her BA at Mills College in Oakland. She moved to Trinity County to escape the city, and shares her home with 3 cats and 1 dog: Molly, Cido, Miette and Ophelia.

    When away from the hospital, Dr. Schlicting spends time trail running (with Ophelia), drawing, sculpting and backpacking.


  • Cassandra W.

    Cassandra is our most tenured receptionist! Cassandra joined the TAH team in 2014. Her warm and friendly character is a great addition to our team.

  • Carlene B.

    Carlene joined the TAH team in 2016. Her big heart and love for animals makes her a perfect fit for our hospital.

  • Sonni K.

    Sonni joined our team in 2017. When not assisting clients you'll find her updating social media accounts and other such tech-y things.

  • Autumn P.

    Autumn is brand new to the TAH team. We are already in love with her outgoing personality and can't wait to get to know her better.

  • Sara R.

    Sara spends her time at the Willow Creek office. She is a friendly and familiar face to the community there.

  • Amanda C.

    Amanda is another Willow Creek-er. You'll find her friendly face there!

Technician Assistants

  • Emma R.

    Emma is one of our CVA's* and spends her time between our Weaverville and Hayfork offices. She worked with Dr. Martin at the Hayfork Veterinary Clinic for several years prior to his retirement and the sale of the clinic to Dr. Nickerson. Emma assists all over the hospital, wherever she is needed! Emma is a wonderful member of our team; smart, fun and caring, we're glad she's here!

  • Lauren M.

    Her photo says it all! You'll find Lauren at any one of our 3 offices, she helps us out everywhere. She's the bright spot in your day and can make anyone smile. She is currently also a college student working on becoming an RVT**

Veterinary Assistants

  • Dustin W.

    Dustin has spent most of his life rescuing and nursing all types of animals, which made him a natural fit here. He plans to pursue a veterinary technician license. Smart and funny, Dustin is a fantastic member on our team.

  • Jessica M.

    Jessica is an outstanding member of our kennel staff, and another CVA*! She is always highly focused on patient care and our patients are all lucky to have her here! She also handles a great deal of our inventory and ordering responsibilities.

Registered Veterinary Technicians

  • Kristiina K.

    Kristiina graduated from Yuba College in 2014 and joined our team shortly therafter. As an RVT** Kristiina has already contributed to the well-being of many of our patients. Her interests in surgery and anesthesia, along with her onward and progressive thinking are driving the hospital to a bright future. Kristiina spends her free time with her dog Tahoe.

  • Audri O.

    Audri is another RVT**, she graduated from Yuba College in 2015. She's been working in the field for over 6 years and has a vast wealth of knowledge in all areas of veterinary medicine. We're lucky to have her as part of our team and provides outstanding patient care. Audri's best furry friend is her kitty Reggie.

  • Brandie S.

    Branie is also an RVT**. She specializes in all things patient care, but seems to have a knack for picking up wildlife too!

Office Assistants

  • Amy Bradford

    Amy began her career with TAH in 2005. She has worked for in veterinary hospitals since 2000. She too holds a CVA*. Amy's skills are useful in every area of the hospital but most recently Amy is expanding her knowledge and skill set in the office and business ends. Amy's dogs Clifford and Oscar are only slightly jealous of the time she spends with all our TAH friends. Amy's knowledge and experience have made a big difference in our team.

  • Calypso

    We just let Amy think she runs the office. This is our 'real' manager. Calypso stays busy greeting all the pets, rearranging the counter top supplies, and sleeping in the sunshine. She loves getting her belly rubbed... most days. Everyone loves Calypso.

  • Kenna and Wesley

    These two are the newest additions to our family! They were brought to us during the evacuations of the Carr fire. So far they hang out mostly in the back making friends with all of our patients, and getting lots of snuggles from staff members

*CVA - Certified Veterinary Assistant

**RVT - Registered Veterinary Technician (holds a state license)